concluded its first Summer Internship Program concluded its first Summer Internship Program concluded its first Summer Internship Program today (July 17th, 2019). We are proud to have such versatile children as our first four Young Innovators.

During the first part of the training, our Young Innovators learned about the SDGs, Circular Vs Linear Economy, and the role of eCommerce in promoting circularity. They became familiar with the crucial concepts of viz. Last-mile logistics within urban planning for future cities, assessment of impact using Designs Methodology, Systems Thinking, and holistic measurement of impact. They learned how to create social media campaign strategies for Global Goals with the help of Canva and WordPress. The Young Innovators also met the CXOs of three inspirational businesses, StormiePoodle, Aqua-Q, and WeCycle, where they got the chance to discuss real-life scenarios and challenges when working with the SDGs in the private sector.

The second part of the training was the hands-on application of the Sustainability theory and eCommerce tools developed by Fedobe, the parent company of First was a team exercise. The task was to present a social media campaign strategy for promoting the SDGs assigned to each one of them and implement the strategy by creating social media posts. They successfully created their content, including infographics, memes, short videos, to promote awareness of the SDGs assigned to their team. We teamed them in Team Red and Team Blue. The final winner of the challenge will be the team getting the maximum number of hashtags/likes/followers on their social media posts by July 31st, 2019.

Team Red, the Winners of team challenge

Team Red, the Winners of team challenge

These Young Innovators are the first four Youth Leaders within the niche of eCommerce and Sustainability in Stockholm. As youth ambassadors of, they will spread the knowledge within their peers and communities. We are proud of our Young Innovators and are excited to be part of their journey to become inspirational leaders. We hope that with the knowledge they have now of using IT tools for creating campaigns and awareness, they will become the face of positive change and awareness in the virtual as well as the real world.

Mayeda Jamal, Sustainability Lead and Managing Partner, is the SDG focused platform of Fedobe, a leading Magento solutions provider. The platform allows sustainability experts, institutions, business communities and eCommerce experts a common ground to collaborate. The objective of the platform is to encourage sustainability in eCommerce by incentivising entrepreneurs and businesses to align with the SDGs. Fedobe offers it’s matured frameworks to automate eCommerce, Supply Chain, Warehouses and Customer Analytics free of charges if the business is aligned to the SDGs.

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