Open-Innovators.Org is a non-profit founded in Sweden with an objective to make Commerce climate-friendly.

With the emerging challenges with Taxonomy Compliance and access to Sustainable Finance, we offer a Team of Experts backed with Tools to assist commerce with Assessment, Data Consolidation, Reporting, and Certification.

Our Young-Innovators program offers aspiring young minds with expert tutors and AI-powered training to create climate compliance experts.

OI was founded in 2019 and has since worked to deliver projects with open-source software for product and pilot launches in areas like circular economy, sustainability mapping, carbon mapping, and collaborations.




Open-Innovators i samarbete med TREEM

Den pågående pandemin skapar ett förändrat synsätt, både gällande hur kunden ser på shopping & dess kvalitet kontra kvantitet, men även att man nu växlar över till att handla exklusivare fashion online. Möjligheter skapas & Open Innovators är glada att nu arbeta med TREEM för att realisera dessa möjlighete.


What is needed to be eligible for OI's support?

It’s simple. You just need to share our enthusiasm for promoting sustainability in eCommerce. If your company qualifies as contributing to any of the seventeen Sustainable Development Goals and offers it’s products or services online, you qualify!

Will I need to sign some binding agreement?

Open Innovators believes in the Agile form of working. We bring the same agility into our contracts. Our understanding with you will be flexible and customized to your business needs. When we make our frameworks available to promote your business, we expect the services for customization, localization, and deployment to be delivered by Fedobe. There is no binding agreement.

What do the framework do for me?

Our frameworks have been developed over the past seven years and can cover a comprehensive set of business use cases. Thus, we reduce not only your cost of development we also improve your time to market while keeping all incidental development costs low (our team is India based and works onlow costs).

The frameworks are built in open-source Magento community version, a technology owned by Adobe. The have pre-built library of functions which offer online commerce capabilities along with warehouse & supply chain integration, customisation engine for product recommendations amongst other related functions.

How is Open Innovators funded?

Open Innovators is the sustainability platform of Fedobe (fedobe.com). This platform is powered by a sheer determination from Fedobe’s to promote sustainability in eCommerce.

What is in it for Open Innovators and Fedobe?

Fedobe believes that future-proofing any business requires stakeholders to take serious cognizance of environmental impact and find solutions to offset such impact. As we have operated in eCommerce world for over a decade. We are aware of environmental and social impact of online commerce and have made it our priority to address this. Open-Innovators is a not-for-profit our initiative towards this.

Along with this, the philosophy of open source community is endorsed by Fedobe’s offer to support social entrepreneurs in their journeys by making low cost solutions in a circular model . When we develop the functionalities and features for your platform, they will be rolled back to the community for the benefit of future entrepreneurs.

Who owns the IPRs for further development and customization of the offered frameworks?

Fedobe’s frameworks are deployed across many industries, catering to diverse use-case scenarios. Since we adhere to the Open Source community philosophy, we roll everything back to the community. In case there is a conflict of interest or threat from competition, we are happy to discuss how we can help you protect the code/business logic and not distribute it further.

How do I end the agreement if needed?

As we are making the framework available to you permanently, you will be responsible for how you utilize it in the future and will be free to move away from it if and when you so wish.

For how long with OI support my eCommerce set up?

Fedobe’s frameworks are offered free of cost for as long as you need them. Such frameworks have no guarantee of improvements/updates/patches. Further support/maintenance agreements need to be separately discussed.


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General Information

Email: info@open-innovators.org

Vertika Uttamchandani

Platform Coordinator

Vertika is a Master’s in Management student at the University of Gothenburg.
As platform coordinator lends her expertise in Change Management, Circular Economy, Product Innovation, Trade and Logistics with focus on Sustainability.


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