Besides the above frameworks we have developed extensive library of functions which can
help us address any business challenges when it comes to finding solution for eCommerce. We make these frameworks and library functions freely available if you are aligned with the Sustainable Development Goals.


  • 1. Application & Feasibility

    You submit your application. Our local engagement managers meet you for storyboarding and feasibility discussion.
  • 2. Validation & Prototyping

    We create working prototypes based on our rapid-deployment model and free frameworks.
  • 3. Funding & Development

    We support you with building your case with investors and funding agencies. Our agile development model will keep you involved at all stages.
  • 4. Deployment & Support

    Our local engagement managers will be involved in deployments. We keep supporting you 24/7.




Working collaboratively for the people and the planet.


Niclas Ihrén

Stockholm, Sweden
Thought Leader & Panelist

Niclas is a globalist and new thinker. He is recognized as one of the most influential thought-leaders on sustainability in business by CSR International and by Swedish CSR i Praktiken.  Niclas is a regular writer on sustainability issues and innovations, and an appreciated public speaker on sustainability, business innovation and long-term market trends. Niclas is advisor to large corporates in many sectors, think tanks and forums, including the Tällberg Foundation, Global Utmaning/Global Challenge, World Climate Solutions, World Ecological Forum, V-360 Sustainability.

Caroline Von Post

Stockholm, Sweden
Sustainable Fashion Expert

Caroline has an international background having spent 10 years of her childhood in SE Asia. She has a M Sc in Systems Ecology from Stockholm University and has worked with environmental matters, both for consultancies and NGOs. For 13 years she worked with communicating research at Albaeco, involved in their exhibits about ecosystem services. In 2015 Caroline won the Stockholm City Innovation Prize and the following year another competition for entrepreneurs in

Mia Bonhomme

Stockholm, Sweden
Creative Facilitator

Mia Bonhomme is co-founder and CEO of digital consulting firm, Bonhomme LLC. Mia specializes in full scale e-commerce operations, design, development, project management, creative production & art direction for small, emerging fashion brands. Mia has a master’s degree in Finance and extensive experience in operations, logistics, e-commerce and fashion photo production. She is dedicated to the advancement of minority & women owned businesses and believes that sustainability in fashion is swiftly transitioning from a differentiator to an industry standard.

Maria Lindberg Howard

Stockholm, Sweden
Sustainable Communication

Maria is a trained copywriter and journalist with extensive experience in communication and marketing. As CEO of a text agency, she has been helping companies to convey their message in Swedish and English for over 30 years. As a leader of the Communication & Sales business network at the Stockholm Chamber of Commerce, she holds regular meetings with a focus on sustainable communication. Her passion is urging companies to review their core values and create a sustainable consensus of their brand in order to remain relevant in the market.

Joydeep Dash

Stockholm, Sweden
Business & Network Lead

As CEO of Fedobe, Joydeep is responsible for customer business success with Fedobe’s Frameworks. Joydeep has worked for the past 20 years in The Nordics and DACH countries looking after profit centers, building long term global teams to service companies that are business leaders in their respective industries. Joydeep’s passion for sustainability is only exceeded by his interest in Yoga and Marathons.

Sweta Satpathy

Bhubaneswar, India
Creative Facilitator

With a background in creative direction, Sweta has a very keen interest in working for the sustainability sector. Sweta is based in India, and currently facilitates the eCommerce set-ups of multiple businesses across India & Europe via She is a strong supporter of women’s empowerment and at, she encourages women entrepreneurs to get economic independence and have equal right.

Guru Sanket Biswal

Bhubaneswar, India
Framework Deployment & Technology Expert

With a decade of experience in IT architecture and Technology automation, Guru is the brain behind Fedobe’s successful eCommerce frameworks. His passion is reflected in his work and Guru has built strong digital foundations for businesses across industries. In his spare time, he mentors local promising talents and loves playing with puzzles.




What is needed to be eligible for OI's support?

It’s simple. You just need to share your enthusiasm for SDGs. If your company qualifies as contributing to any of the seventeen SDGs, you qualify!

Will I need to sign some binding agreement? believes in the Agile form of working. We bring the same agility into our contracts. Our understanding with you will be flexible and customized to your business needs. When we make our frameworks available to SDGs free of cost, we expect the services for customization, localization, and deployment to be delivered by Fedobe. Our frameworks have been developed over the past six years and can cover a comprehensive set of business use cases. Thus, we reduce not only your cost of development we also improve your time to market.

How is funded? is the sustainability platform of Fedobe. OI has no external or organic fundings. This platform offers Fedobe’s Magento based eCommerce solutions frameworks and pre-built library of functions to help entrepreneurs aligned to SDGs.

What is in it for and Fedobe?

The philosophy of open source community is endorsed by Fedobe’s offer to support entrepreneurs aligned with SDGs. When we develop the functionalities and features for your platform, they will be rolled back to the community for the benefit of future entrepreneurs.

Who owns the IPRs for further development and customization of the offered frameworks?

Fedobe’s frameworks are deployed across many industries, catering to diverse use-case scenarios. Since we adhere to the Open Source community philosophy, we roll everything back to the community. In case there is a conflict of interest or threat from competition, we are happy to discuss how we can help you protect the code/business logic and not distribute it further.

How do I end the agreement if needed?

As we are making the framework available to you permanently, you will be responsible for how you utilize it in the future and will be free to move away from it if and when you so wish.

For how long will OI support my eCommerce set up?

Fedobe’s frameworks are offered free of cost for lifetime for any customers who are qualifying under SDGs. Such frameworks have no guarantee of improvements/updates/patches. Further support/maintenance agreements need to be separately discussed.