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eCommerce tools like Magento and Shopify, Google Ads, social media marketing and SEO, Analytics, mobile marketing and much more.

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Inspirera barn att skapa med kod

By Kodcentrum
Inspirera barn mellan 10 och 12 år för att de ska kunna skapa spel, animationer och enkla program med hjälp av Scratch. Som volontär arbetar du i någon av våra kodstugor runtom i landet. Know More

Assessment of data analysis and BI tools

By Sverige för UNHCR
Inspirera barn mellan 10 och 12 år för att de ska kunna skapa spel, animationer och enkla program med hjälp av Scratch. Som volontär arbetar du i någon av våra kodstugor runtom i landet. Know More

Market Strategy

Join the food sharing revolution! In order to establish Olio in the long-term, we wish to create a strategy, outlining where and how to find committed volunteers. Know More

3D graphic and/or 3D animation

By The Joy Academy
A 3D graphic or an animation will help us to illustrate and communicate the direct interdependencies between the levels and show how we can achieve sustainable growth on all levels. Know More

Social Media Marketing strategy

By Switchr
In order to reach our vision, we wish to have a coherent communication strategy towards our target group. Know More

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Denisa, Young Innovator, Batch June 2019, Stockholm

Lukas from Austria with Greta Thunberg, The Inspiring Sustainability Activist

I joined Young Innovators sustainability training in Stockholm through Erasmus – the European Union student exchange programme. The instructions were very practical and the hands-on training included interactions with real customers of Fedobe in Stockholm. This was very inspiring.

Lukas, Young Innovator, Batch June 2019, Stockholm



Open-Innovators announces the launch of Young Innovators training this September in Stockholm, Sweden

Open-Innovators announces the launch of the Young Innovators program to create an attractive career path for young minds interested in sustainability. The program builds upon the success of the pilot batch held in June-July this year. It is run in collaboration with industry partners and IT experts to provide training in the tools and techniques of eCommerce for promoting the Global Goals.

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E-commerce solutions specialist powering more than 200 brands across the globe
Platform to support entrepreneurs aligned towards Sustainable Development Goals



  1. Sign up and pay the processing fee of 300 SEK
  2. Your application is sent to the panel of experts to be reviewed
  3. Short-listed candidates get interviewed (phone/skype) by the program leader
  4. The selected candidates will receive confirmation e-mail. The remaining candidates get a detailed feedback on their application.

Frequently Asked Questions


What is this program about?

Young Innovators is an immersive program that is aimed at empowering young talent to work on sustainable assignments within the eCommerce industry. This program is uniquely positioned to incorporate the UN 2030 Agenda of achieving the crucial Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs). To know more about UN 2030 Agenda, click here.

What are SDGs & how are they relevant to eCommerce?

SDGs are Sustainable Development Goals defined by the United Nations for protecting our planet and eliminating poverty and inequality.

The rapid growth of eCommerce is directly linked to the environmental impact. As the eCommerce continues to grow, so does its impact. Hence the need of the hour is sustainable practices in eCommerce. Ex: Reducing the carbon footprint, eliminating wastage in packaging, optimizing deliveries etc.

How is it different from other programs?

Young Innovators is not just another classroom program, but a practical mix of real-time assignments from global brands with hands-on experience on latest technologies. The Program equips participants with relevant eCommerce tools for promoting SDG-based initiatives. It also allows them to solve real world problems and become future ambassadors for sustainability.

Moreover, the whole training is conducted in English, which gives you a perfect opportunity to improve your English skills. You are going to discuss various topics related to sustainability where you have to critically think about and express your own ideas. Former Young Innovators appreciated that training was held in English as they could perceive great benefits.

Young Innovators is in a dialog with organizations for corporate sponsorship. Some of the students may receive scholarship which would cover the program fee, and added to that it would act as a channel to establish a connect with companies and start building up your network.

Who can apply for this program?

Students from any nationality between 13 to 26 years are eligible.

What benefits do I get from attending this program?

Apart from the tremendous benefit of learning real-time work with the industry and getting certified, you will get a chance to become:
  • Ambassadors for Open Innovators with continious access to OI connects and resources to drive your own sustainability drives in the future
  • Gain better business acumen, practical training on eCommerce and Social Media marketing
  • Interact confidently with CXOs
  • Be a leader among your peer groups / communities in driving positive change

What is the program schedule?

The program is spread over three-weeks. The training starts on 14th of September (Saturday).

What is being taught/covered in the Program?

The program covers the essentials of circular economy, system thinking, design thinking, sustainable cities, retail experiences, digital marketing, software tools, viral marketing campaigns, webinars, live projects and case studies. The program is delivered in an interactive manner by eminent academicians, brand representatives, technical experts, behavioral science experts and social media gurus.

What happens after completion of the Program?

Based on the overall performance, one of the participants is selected as the Youth Ambassador for Open Innovators. All the other participants become life-long ambassadors for Young Innovators and will be supported for their individual social media campaigns to promote awareness of the SDGs.

Is there any fee for the Program?

Yes. The investment for this program is 9600 SEK.

Where is the program being conducted?

The program is currently being conducted in English in Stockholm, Sweden. We shall be adding more international locations shortly.

Who is conducting this program?

This program is a joint initiative by Fedobe and Open Innovators, with support from industry partners.

Fedobe is a Global e-commerce solutions provider powering more than 200 brands worldwide. Open Innovators is a platform to promote entrepreneurs by providing them with technology tools, connects with industry and access to mentors and funding opportunities.

Notable industry partners who are supporting this initiative are: leading fashion brands, industry bodies, and social enterprises.




Denisa Pozníčková

Phone: +46760719810
Email: denisa@open-innovators.org