Fedobe Prepares Future Champions in Digital Marketing and Sustainability

Fedobe Prepares Future Champions in Digital Marketing and Sustainability

Fedobe is looking forward to future expansions and it’s collaboration with Bharatiya Vidya Bhavan (BVB) – Bhavan’s Centre for Communication & Management (BCCM) to identify and train students on eCommerce, Sustainability and Digital Marketing. Fedobe and Open-Innovators.Org (Fedobe’s sustainability platform) eagerly look forward to engaging with students to hone their digital skills and promote sustainability awareness through joint activities. A joint steering group is formed to oversee training and assistance on a regular basis.

At the launch ceremony, Mr Joydeep Dash, the CEO, Fedobe, based out of Sweden addressed interested students on an engaging topic of Scandinavian work culture and introduction to sustainability in eCommerce. “We are excited to see the enthusiasm and energy. Fedobe will be glad to train, hire or prepare these brilliant students for a digital career full of new opportunities” said Mr Joydeep Dash, CEO, Fedobe.

Bhavan’s Centre for Communication & Management’s Chairman Major General Basant Mahapatra encourages this cooperation. He says ”The students of this esteemed institute are selected from remote areas in the state and some are from underprivileged families. They make great efforts to enter mainstream society through structured courses and to improve their English and soft skills, along with specialized education. We appreciate Fedobe & Open Innovator’s partnership to impart specialized training in Digital Marketing and Sustainability. We are committed to set up a working group to monitor this cooperation and also take measures to promote sustainability in every possible way.”

Open-Innovators’ Young-Innovators program will assist with course materials and live assignments to the aspiring students of BCCM, Bhubaneswar and train young minds to become sustainability champions in eCommerce.

Fedobe India
A/5, Block N1, Nayapalli,
Bhubaneswar, Odisha,
India 751015
+91 94 390 431 31

Bhavan’s Centre for Communication & Management
9, Kharvel Nagar, Unit- 3,
Bhubaneswar, Odisha
India 751001
R N Pattanaik : 9437498280

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