Youth Chapter, Summer 2019 is proud to announce its Youth Chapter and welcomes its first batch of young leaders.

These interns have been carefully selected from amongst the applications received and will be trained over the summer to become Change Leaders. They will receive hands on training from industry experts, on different aspects of eCommerce and be involved in live projects to gain industry exposure. The projects will be aligned to SDGs. Through participation in these projects, the interns will learn how to use industrial tools to support businesses aligned to sustainability. They will experience the process first hand, and be responsible for some of the deliverables. By the end of summer, they will have sound knowledge of how an eCommerce business operates and how it can be connected to the Agenda 2030 and beyond.




In Depth Knowledge on Sustainability

Live Training from Industry Experts

Ecommerce Industry Exposure

Summer Internship Certificate warmly welcomes these young leaders and looks forward to the role they will take on after their training – of promoting sustainability awareness amongst the youth, and spreading the word about the role how ecommerce businesses can adhere to the SDGs.