WHEN: 12th May 2020
TIME : 14:00h - 15:00h CET


Highlighting the challenges and opportunities in rental apparel market by industry insiders.

HOSTED BY : Open-Innovators.org  


RENTAL FASHION – Who benefits from it?

Clothing rental popularized by Rent the Runway has more companies entering to offer subscription-based or peer-to-peer rental models. The increasing popularity of Rental Fashion opens up several questions. Who benefits from it? Do brands get to participate in the revenue/profits? What is a model which can create an optimal circular economy which is self sustainable?

Join this webinar to learn

  • How can brands participate in the rental industry?
  • How can the apparel rental industry benefit from technology?
  • How do we manage the balance between new sales and rentals? What are the challenges?
  • Is a circular marketplace better than a circular shop?

Chris Kershaw

MD, Visma Digital Commerce AB

~ Moderator ~

An expert in retail communications and digital commerce, he has assisted leading retailers and start-ups alike in building successful online sales. Chris is passionate about sustainability and conservation and a panelist with Open-Innovators.

Alexander van Riesen

Trends Consultant, Insider Trends

~ Speaker ~

Alexander works with start-ups to multinational enterprises, to understand how their business is being disrupted by digitalization. How they can navigate the new landscape and change their businesses to survive.

Fredrik Timour

Head of Fashion Innovation, Swedish Fashion Council

~ Speaker ~

Fredrik Timour has a broad, deep and holistic perspective to digital fashion. He now works for the Swedish Fashion Council setting up a new innovation center for sustainable fashion.

Caroline Von Post

Sustainable Fashion Expert

~ Speaker ~

Caroline has worked with environmental matters, both for consultancies and NGOs. For 13 years she worked with communicating research at Albaeco, involved in their exhibits about ecosystem services.

Case Presentation: OMTANK

Website: www.omtank.com

Omtank was founded to transform the $1.4 trillion USD apparel industry by offering a global B2C fashion access service to encourage and accelerate the change of the fashion consumption behaviour. As well as offering the fashion brands and manufactures the right incentives to reduce overproduction, vastly increase the product life cycle of garments and enabling fashion companies to increase the yield per garment over time, compared to the traditional fashion retail business models. This to support UN’s Sustainable Development Goal no.12: Responsible Consumption and Production

Omtank’s founders have more than 35 years’ experience from the IT and fashion industry. And worked with companies like H&M to support the digital transformation of a global brick-and-mortar fashion retailer as well as eCommerce expansion to more than 20 different counties.

Jens Lee

Co-founder, OMTANK

~ Presenter ~

Jenni Bergman

Co-founder, OMTANK

~ Presenter ~