Investment Acceleration

Open-Innovators Investment Acceleration Network

Open Innovators Investment Accelerator supports online businesses with sustainability at its core. We offer services that help them connect to our network of VCs, Angle Funds, Banks and related agencies. This network is primarily within Sweden, but now starting to grow within the Nordics/EU region.

Why should businesses join our network?

Our sustainability investors list is constantly growing through continuous outreach to new investors who are interested to partner us to assist our members.
Open-Innovators will be able to assist you with your business plan or pitch deck. We can also assist to Showcase how you drive business value with ESG and Sustainability.
To join our network, please register here

Why should investors join our network ?

Our network attracts online businesses seeking funds for new and ground breaking initiatives.  This network is especially interesting for investors looking to explore opportunities in sustainability and green commerce and a convergence of these to interests. We offer a convenient and easy way to reach bridge you to green investment opportunities. To join our investors network, please register here

Our pitch support services use the fundamental approach to SDG compliance